What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which the internet pages save into your computer or a mobile equipment in the moment you begin to use the pages. They serve mainly to remember preferences and acts you made on the internet pages. Therefore, you need not to enter these details again for a certain time.

What cookies do we use?

Local cookies Expiration Description
PHPSESSID session Saves the identifier of the current session.
YII_CSRF_TOKEN session Used to secure data integrity and security of the web.
lang 1 year Saves preferred language of the web selected by the user.

Third party cookies

We use cookies services Google Analytics for the visit rate statistics. For conditions of use of Google Analytics please read here.

Setting cookies in the browser

Most of the browsers has cookies enabled. It is possible to limit or prohibit use of cookies in the browser setting. For more detailed information on setting cookies in your browser, please go to the following links:
Internet Explorer (
Google Chrome (
Mozilla Firefox (
Opera (
Safari (

If you decide to block certain cookies, the functionality of the web page may get limited.