Lighting realisation

Choose from our range of unique light fittings and designer furniture from leading global designers. Share your fantasies about your home, shop, office or conference hall with us. Do you want it to be modern, dynamic, intimate? To evoke a feeling of safety, to inspire? You are sure to find the best possible solution with our specialists, no matter whether you are looking for a single light fitting, an integral lighting project or a comprehensive interior design. We can also perform project realisation and ensure that everything is perfect down to the tiniest detail.

Interior Designs

To our clients, we offer the complete interior design, as well.  We work on all the projects together to make your new home, office or showroom perfectly befitting you.  Tell us what you need and we will shower you with relevant designs meeting your requirements. Then, we will provide for the realization of the selected design, coordinate the suppliers, monitor the invoicing and use of your funds, arrange everything necessary with the authorities, ensure that the deadlines are observed and take care that everything goes smoothly to your complete satisfaction.  

Interior Design Examples (PDF)

Services for customers

We love design and follow the very latest global trends. You will find a range of the very best on offer in our catalogue which we are continually adding to and innovating. But we will be much happier to talk to you about your wishes in person. We can find a combination of design, colours, quality and practicality together that will meet your wishes perfectly. We will then take care of the rapid and expert installation of all the items you have chosen.

We will only be satisfied if we manage to exceed your expectations.


Our goods are of high quality and come with a guarantee from leading global companies. Please contact us using the form below if you need any help of any kind with their servicing.

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